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Oct. 24th, 2006

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Sobre Español


There are 400 million Spanish speakers in the world today, a figure which will increase to 535 million by 2030, when it will be second only to Chinese as the most spoken language; Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí were the Spanish cultural icons most sought after in Internet search engines in December 2005, followed by singer Julio Iglesias. These are just two of the hundreds of conclusions published in what has been described as “the first world map of Spanish” — the Enciclopedia del español en el mundo—a 900-page book, co-published by the Centro Cultural Círculo de Lectores and Plaza Janés.

This mammoth publication brings together facts and figures relating to the study of Spanish in 86 countries around the world: from Afghanistan and Mongolia with 25 and 18 students respectively, to the United States which, with six million students, is home to the most learners of Spanish in the world. The encyclopedia—coordinated by the Cervantes Institute and with contributions from 220 writers — also examines the presence of Spanish and Latin American culture across the world, the study of the Catalan, Galician and Basque languages, and the diffusion of Spanish culture over the Internet. Indeed, in the words of the director of the Cervantes Institute, César Antonio
Molina, never has “such an exhaustive and comprehensive” account of the Spanish language and culture been published before.

Launched in parallel with the 15th birthday of the Cervantes Institute— which promotes Hispanic culture and language across the globe—the book provides a panoramic view of the international presence that Spanish literature, art and music have enjoyed over the last 15 years. It also looks to the future, predicting the rapid growth of Spanish (which has an estimated total of 14 million students today). According to the secretary- general of the SpanishRoyal Academy, Humberto López, if the Spanish language continues at its present rate, then within three or four generations, 10 percent of the globe will be using it. Meanwhile, the one million students of Spanish in Brazil are set to skyrocket to at least 11 million, once Spanish becomes a compulsory part of the secondary school syllabus.

The opening of new Cervantes Institutes across Asia and the South Pacific in the next two years will undoubtedly boost the Hispanic profile too. As for Spain’s regional languages — Catalan, Galician and Basque — the encyclopedia includes chapters which are written in each of these languages as well as Spanish. Thanks to agreements with the Ramon Llull Institute, Catalan is taught to over 5,000 students in about 100 universities in 28 countries. Galician, meanwhile, is taught in 42 countries outside the northwestern region. The article dedicated to the Basque language looks at the fascinating relationship between Basque and Czechoslovakian culture.

Research conducted for the encyclopedia has cast surprising light on corners of the globe which one might not immediately associate with the study of Spanish. Such is the case with Senegal, Ivory Coast and Cameroon. In Ivory Coast, for example, 74 percent of secondary school pupils choose Spanish as their second language. Meanwhile, in Cameroon, where English and French are compulsory subjects in the secondary education system, the demand for Spanish (more than 63,000) surpasses that of German. The reason for this growth in popularity in Africa is due to the perception of Spain as the gateway to Europe. Indeed, the African continent— where, according to César Antonio Molina, “it’s a crucial time” for Spanish — is home to more than half a million students of Spanish, spread across some 15 countries.

And the other factor behind the popularity of Spanish in Africa? None other than Cameroon’s illustrious soccer player and one of the world’s best strikers: Samuel Eto’o, who currently plies his trade for FC Barcelona.

Jul. 3rd, 2006

blue heart

Viva La Furia Roja!

Spain lost to France 3-1 :( Alam ko last week pa sila natalo... wala lang! Sayang talaga yung team na yon! Sobrang ganda ng performance nila sa group stage! They played like Champions! Unlike the defending champions Brasil (who only had one good game - vs Japan) ... Sayang talaga! I really thought this would be the year... pero oh well! Viva España parin!!

Prediction: Kahit ayoko sa Germany tingin ko sila ang mananalo :(

Jun. 15th, 2006

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(no subject)

Jun. 11th, 2006

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Game after game after game. I realize now what is most important in my life... Football!
Show me something more thrilling than a perfect volley.
Tell me you've never dreamed the immaculate strike
Been part of that moment when an entire nation holds its breath.
Tell me that football is not our one common language
When the whole planet stops for 90 minutes to be witness to that one thing we all understand...
Yea, you can tell me Im wrong
Some may say its just a game..
But this is about heroes and tribes
loyalty and devotion
its our commitment and our passion
our battle and our belief
This is our faith
Now, feel the the fever of the crowd!
Hear the roar of the faithful!
This is the beautiful game

Mar. 18th, 2006

blue heart

Taipan! Taipan! Taipan!

May bago nang Taipan ang ASSOC! Si Mr. Danvic "Boy Bionic" Ruiz! Lahat ng hindi bumoto sa kanya bibitayin na sa monday! hahahaha!

Nov. 26th, 2005


Rome premieres tomorrow on HBO!

guys! nood kayo ROME bukas sa HBO either 9 or 10pm! asteeg toh! mga students ni Sir Dave Lozada dapat manood! wahahaha!

Nov. 21st, 2005

blue heart


Romeo Offering Massage and Intense Recreation

Nov. 12th, 2005

blue heart

Hello 2nd Sem!


Ayan na! Ayan na! 2nd Sem na!
Mukhang pahirapan ang 2nd Sem ko eh.. Mainly because of Spanish 2 with Prado =( I really dont like Spanish... Napapaisip tuloy ako kung anong ginagawa ko sa Euro?? *sigh* oh well! basta aral lang!

Sched and QPICollapse )

At Oo nga pala, si Juliane ay naka kuha ng 3.80

WOAH!! grabe noh?? kumakain ng libro!! im so proud! =)

Nov. 11th, 2005

blue heart

November 14, 2005

Mabuhay ka Mix!!

Salamat sa iyong pagpapainom mamayang gabi! Mag-handa ka na mabasag! bwahahaha!

Nov. 9th, 2005

blue heart

One year down, forever to go =)

R and J - Year 2 ÜÜÜ
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